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Wax Printer Comparison

WaxJet 400/510 vs. ProJet MJP 300W

Are you in the market for a fast and high quality production 3D printer, suitable for 100% wax jewelry investment casting patterns? When it comes to high performance, mold-free, cost-effective, and complex design pattern solutions for direct lost wax casting, specialized 3D printers have set the standard. However, achieving a balance between cost, quality, and efficiency is key. Below we've put together a quick comparison between leading  wax 3D printers: the FlashForge WaxJet 400/510 and the 3D Systems ProJet MJP 300W.

FlashForge WaxJet 400/510

The FlashForge WaxJet comes in two different variations, the 400 (3 print heads) and the 510 (high resolution, 1 print head (replaced 410)). Output of 10kg wax patterns can be realized by a single 400 device in a single month. Over a 2x speed increase when compared to its closest competitor. With over 1500 units out in the field, the FlashForge WaxJet series has proven to be a frontrunner when it comes to wax pattern 3D printing for jewelry and investment casting applications.

3D Systems® ProJet MJP 300W

3D Systems is one of the pioneers of multi-jet (MJP) wax 3D printing. The ProJet MJP 300W is the newest wax printer model. The MJP 300W offers four distint printing modes tailored to meet your specific needs.Whether you prioritize ultra-high throughput, extreme resolution, or seek the perfect blend of both, this 3D printer is designed to cater to every requirement. 

Tech Specs Comparison

WaxJet 400
WaxJet 510
ProJet MJP 300W
The WaxJet difference
Build Volume
289 x 218 x 150mm (9.5L)
288 x 200 x 100mm (5.8L)
294 x 211 x 144mm (8.9L)
+ 0.6L Increase for 400
Output (pcs/yr)
131,400 pcs
72,200 pcs
54,000 pcs
400: 143% Higher Ouput
510: 25% Higher Output
Printing Precision
XHD: 1200*1200*1600;DPI
16 μm / layer
XHD: 2900*2900*1700;DPI
15 μm / layer
XHD: 2000*1800*2900;DPI
8.8 μm / layer*
510: 34.6% higher X/Y resolution
Print Heads
400 has 3 Print Heads for increased output
Maintenance Cost
Lowest TCO**
Part Wax Cost (per/kg)***
400: ~20% less, 510: ~44% less
Support Wax Cost (per/kg)
400: ~59% less, 510: ~79% less
Price (MSRP)
WaxJet is Lower Cost

*The newest model 300W has four printing modes. QHD: 2000x1800x2900 DPI, ZHD: 1200x1200x3200 DPI, XHD: 1200x1200x1600 DPI, and UHD: 1200x1200x1000 DPI.

**Fewer moving parts, less maintenance & downtime. Has remote access to assist with repairs.

***Uses new flexible wax build material allowing for less brittle parts

"3D Systems" and "ProJet" are registered trademarks of 3D Systems, Inc.

Print Output Comparison

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